Careers at BNP

Bank BNP provide the best environment for our career employees. We're focused on identifying and developing the most talented people to join our team. We look for profesional with diverse backgrounds and perspectives who will thrive within our culture, and contribute to our long-term success.

Bank BNP recognise that great companies are about great people, and as part of our vision & mission Bank BNP. We always consider our employees to be our most valuable asset with high levels of competitiveness, engaged in the financial institutions. Commitment and potential employees to help us meet our strategic objectives company.

Best opportunities become part of Bank BNP, and we'll open up opportunities for you to achieve your career goals.

Updated 9 May 2019 08:53
Equal for above USD 5.000
Currency Buy Sell
USD 14,051.00 14,551.00
GBP 18,271.00 18,980.00
EUR 15,716.00 16,436.00
JPY 127.64 132.67
SGD 10,305.00 10,704.00
HKD 1,788.00 1,861.00
CNY 0.00 0.00
Lending Rate
Updated 9 Jul 2019 16:29
Credit Type Interest Rate
Kredit Korporasi 13.32%
Kredit Ritel 12.09%
Kredit Mikro 8.68%
Kredit Konsumsi (KPR) 8.94%
Kredit Konsumsi (NON KPR) 8.72%