BNP Business Club Present in Solo City


Not long ago Bank BNP held a customer gathering event on October 25, 2018, by cooperating with business people with the aim of getting closer to its customers who are domiciled in the city of Solo and its surroundings. The event which was packaged in the form of a discussion took the theme "Voice of Customers".

Located at the 9th Meeting Room of Alila Solo Hotel, the event which took place from 18.00 to 20.30 WIB was an activity that had been routinely carried out by Bank BNP and was a management step to make efforts to listen to the aspirations of Bank BNP customers and also as part of BNP Business Club activities. It is expected that with such an event the relationship between Bank BNP and customers can be maintained properly, so that it has a positive impact on both parties.

Also present at the event were Bank BNP President Director Hideki Nakamura and Business Director Kevin Cahyadi Tatang along with 13 customers and a number of other invitations. This is tangible evidence provided by Bank BNP in supporting entrepreneurs, especially in the city of Solo and its surroundings in order to be more developed and advanced.

Bandung, 07 November 2018

Corporate Communication 

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